A Show And An Album Keep The Doctor Away!

Drunken Logic has been as busy as you have in January, getting back to work or school or both. Swear to God. As of 7:30 tonight, we COMPLETELY FINISHED TRACKING OUR ALBUM. Now its in the hands of our friend/producer/engineer/babysitter Igor, so start counting down the days ’til Drunken Logic fills your earholes!

But how many more days will that be, do you ask? We’re shooting for early March or late February, because we want to release our album in conjunction with a new show we just booked! We’ll be playing on WSCA FM in Portsmouth, NH on February 25, as special guests on A Redhead Spins the Blues with Kim Sedlock! Thanks so much to her and the

entire WSCA team. Jake, Sam and Ryan will be playing special acoustic versions of songs off the upcoming album “Something New to Burn,” and maybe some unreleased material and covers as well. Tune in at 1PM on 2/25!

Thanks so much for all your support already — can’t wait to show this record to the world!

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