Album Release Show!

We’re proud to announce we’re headlining a show at the Red Room @ Cafe 939 on March 29 in conjunction with our new album! We’re playing with Ripe and DC Wonder, two fantastic bands with talented and awesome dudes playing for them. Tickets are $8. Buy tickets and check out the other bands below!

Also, we’ve been poring over the mixes and putting the finishing touches on “Something New to Burn.” This has been a maddening, exciting, joyous, frightening, and incredibly rewarding process that will finally be coming to an end on Tuesday. I hope you’re as pumped as we are. I can tell you we are so very proud of the time and effort we’ve put into this, and we’re sure all of it will shine through for all 40-odd minutes of music that will be bombarding. On that note, time for a power nap before mxing/mastering/releasing.


Listen to Ripe
Listen to DC Wonder

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