DL Trudges Westward…

First off, thanks to EVERYONE who has listened to, downloaded, purchased, recommended, promoted, or in any helped us get the word out about our album. The response has been truly overwhelming. We’re so thankful for the friends and fans we have. 8 months of effort went into this project, and a whole lot more than just 11 songs came out. Old friends and new supporters have come out of the woodwork in the past 10 days, and words can’t describe the joy we feel when our music reaches new ears. This is only the beginning of one long adventure…

…an adventure that has somehow led to us heading west to the city by the Bay! We’re playing AT&T Park in San Francisco next month, made famous for splash-hit home runs and some pretty sick shows. We’re so blessed that we’ve been given the opportunity to play at EdRev 2013, a benefit for students with learning and attention differences. Keynote speakers Sir Ken Robinson and Todd Rose, along with the fantastic young musicians of Project Rock, will be there as well. Admission is COMPLETELY FREE for students, educators and volunteers who register at the link below, and costs $60 for adults. PLEASE come show your support for students of all stripes struggling to learn and fit in, and listen to some great music while you’re at it. We look forward to seeing you there!

On another quick note — we have some great new photos of the band from our friend Brad Bahner. Check them out in the Photo & Video section!

Register for EdRev2013!

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