OK, Maybe A Little Rest

We have been working so hard and accomplished so much these last few months that we need a break. So for the next month and a half or so, Drunken Logic won’t really be playing any gigs. We will all be up to some exciting things though: Sam is traversing the Asian continent; Jake and Austin are working in Connecticut; Ryan is taking classes; and Alex working and gigging like a madman.

But don’t worry — we’ll be back with a vengeance come August. We’ve been talking about gigs, busking, more gigs, a live or studio EP, and did I mention GIGS?! So keep your eyes and ears peeled, as August should be very busy.

It’s hard to believe our album was released to the world just three short months ago. Thanks for all your help and support, it has made this experience totally worth it. We promise to pick up right where we left off. Also, we miss all of you already. Thanks again.

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