It Was The Combination Best of Times/Worst of Times

Wow… the past month and a half have been a little crazy, to say the least. Jake had his laptop stolen. Ryan broke his elbow, and Austin got tonsilitis. Sam is sequestered in St. Petersburg. And Alex?… turns out we actually haven’t had a drummer IN FORTY YEARS!!! (Just kidding, he’s fine).

But the show must go on. Pink Floyd and Queen each said it, so it must be true. Starting next week, we’ll be back to busking at Faneuil Hall with a Vengeance. We also have two exciting shows coming up in August and September:

Saturday, August 24, 2-5PM — Drunken Logic at Georges Island, with Friendly People and Eleven Dollar Bills. More Info Here

Friday, September 27, 8-11PM — Drunken Logic at The Red Room @ Cafe 939, with Paul Brown & the Killing Devils and January Jane. Buy Tickets Here

Thanks for all the support, as always. We have more exciting news hopefully coming up in the next few weeks, so check back here whenever you get a chance. Enjoy you summer!

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