New Year’s Resolutions to YOU

I’m sure that, as you recover from a wild night, hearing what everyone else’s New Year’s resolutions are isn’t high on a priority list that probably leads with sleeping in and then doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING all day (and maybe watching a college bowl game or three). Well, DL was up late last night, and realized we’d like to resolve to do some things for YOU this year. Yes, YOU. Here’s what we promise to do in 2014:

– Play more shows, in more places. We will be going on tour this spring. Check out our website to stay up to date.
– Release new material every month. We have some of the best fans in rock ‘n roll, and want to pay you back by giving you something fresh to listen to as often as possible. Whether its something silly we slapped together in practice, bootlegs of our shows, or demos and other recordings that we are working on, we’re going to keep rolling out new songs and compositions all year long. Keep an eye on our SoundCloud for all of that.
– Lose 5 pounds. Honestly, those band breakfasts have made it very difficult for us to fit into our favorite jeans.

Anyways, we will be back up and running with that new material and news on our upcoming shows by the end of the month. So check back later in January, and most of all, have a wonderful 2014.

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