A Personal Note from Jake

So it’s official — I’m moving to Los Angeles at the end of the year.

Boston has been so good to me these past seven years, and I’m forever grateful. Without my time here, I would not be a professional musician. I’ve met and worked with so many amazing people, gained so much valuable knowledge and experience, and it has all shaped the man I am today.

But this is something I’ve been thinking and talking about for a long time, a move I’ve longed to make for years and haven’t really had a chance to do until now. I’m a California boy, but I’ve lived thousands of miles away from home for over a decade now. In addition to my family, I want to be closer to the creative process and industry, to explore all of my interests and ideas in a place where there are countless other people doing the same thing. (Also, this whole winter thing you guys do on the East Coast is highly overrated.)

My plan is to move around Thanksgiving. But I’m doing a ton of really cool things before I go, and I want to share them anyone and everyone who’s around. For instance, I’ve been writing Gorefest — the gory comedy musical at ImprovBoston each Halloween — for the last month and a half. It’s uncharted territory for me, but I’m going to be working with some lovely and talented people. I couldn’t be more excited to share the finish product with you in the last two weeks of October.

In the short-term, Drunken Logic will be at the Lucky Seven Concert Series this Thursday at 7 PM at Faneuil Hall Marketplace Center, and we’ll also be at Boston Greenfest on Saturday at noon — both shows are FREE!. I’ve also got a ton of Signature, dueling piano, and improv gigs over the next several months. And believe it or not, I’m cooking up some other projects that I can’t quite talk about yet. So there’s more news still to come.

Thank you again to everyone who has helped me so far along the way, and all the people who will continue to be there for whatever comes next. I love you all, and hope I get to see each and every one of you soon.

– Jake

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