The Vagabond Tour – This Train Is a-Rollin’!

Hopefully, you see it coming.

Jake’s coast-to-coast adventure starts this week in New Jersey, on the heels of some exciting show announcements! We’ve added performances in New Orleans, Austin and El Paso — and we’re working on one more show TBA. See below for a complete list of shows and links to buy tickets!

11/30 – The Inkwell, Long Branch NJ – 9PM, FREE, w/ DBTME
12/1 – The Green Room @ Shrine, New York NY – 7PM, FREE, w/ DBTME
12/3 – The Barbary, Philadelphia PA – 8PM, $7-10, w/ DBTME
12/4 – Galaxy Hut, Arlington VA – 9:30PM, $5, w/ DBTME
12/7 – Champion Brewing, Charlottesville VA – 7PM, FREE
12/10 – The Country, Nashville TN – 6PM, $5
12/11 – Eddie’s Attic, Atlanta GA – 6PM (8:30PM set), FREE
12/15 – Carousel Lounge, Austin TX – 5PM, FREE
12/16 – The Pizza Joint Downtown, El Paso TX – 9PM, FREE
12/19 – Bar Lubitsch, Los Angeles CA – 8PM (10:45 set), $10
12/23 – The Back Room, Berkeley CA – 8PM, $15-18

The Vagabond Tour – Coming To A City Near You!

Hey everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!

As you may have heard, I’m ending my time and Boston and moving on to new adventures out in Los Angeles. But in between, I’m squeezing in another adventure, one I’ve wanted to have since I was a kid. I’m going on a cross country solo tour from 11/30-12/23, and I’ll likely be in a city near you!

We have confirmed dates in New Jersey, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Nashville, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Berkeley — with more shows TBA. I’ll be singing and playing guitar and piano, performing Drunken Logic tunes, unreleased material, and taking audience requests. And for the first four shows, I’ll be joined by my good friend Ben Michalak of Doc Baker’s Traveling Musicological Extravaganza! Check out his music, as well as a little EP we released awhile ago called So Ready.

Full details below! Hope to see you on the road.

11/30 – The Inkwell, Long Branch NJ – 9PM, FREE, w/ DBTME
12/1 – The Green Room @ Shrine, New York NY – 7PM, FREE, w/ DBTME
12/3 – The Barbary, Philadelphia PA – 8PM, $7-10, w/ DBTME
12/4 – Galaxy Hut, Arlington VA – 9:30PM, $5, w/ DBTME
12/10 – The Country, Nashville TN – 6PM, $5
12/11 – Eddie’s Attic, Atlanta GA – 6PM (8:30PM set), FREE
12/19 – Bar Lubitsch, Los Angeles CA – 8PM (10:45 set), $10
12/23 – The Back Room, Berkeley CA – 8PM, $18 ($15 in advance)

One Last Time in Boston!

This city has been so good to us. We got our education, and met just about everyone who has ever played in our lineup, at Berklee College of Music. We’ve recorded two albums here, and have a third on the way. We learned how to perform together and for all of you during countless busking sets at Faneuil Hall. Our first time playing on live TV was last year’s First Night Boston celebration on New Year’s Eve.

We owe this city a lot, and we’re going to express our gratitude by playing one last time before Jake moves across the country — at O’Brien’s Pub tomorrow (Thurs. 11/16), at 8PM. We’re thrilled to have some other great bands filling out the bill, including local boys The Egos, the bayou sounds of DiNola, and our old friend Spo. It will be a night full of special guests, surprise songs, and LOTS of hugs. 21+, $8 — we will be on at 10PM.

And while this is our last show in Boston for awhile, it is definitely not our last show of the year. We will have some huge news first thing next week. Stay tuned!

Let’s Get Sticky! – ImprovBoston’s Gorefest XV

Hello everyone!

For the past 18 months, I’ve been fortunate enough to work as a music director at ImprovBoston, the wonderful non-profit comedy theater in Central Square, Cambridge MA. And for the last several weeks, I’ve been writing the lyrics and music for Gorefest XV: Horror House – IB’s annual Halloween splatter musical! This “ponchos recommended” show an edgy and immersive comedy experience audience members can see, smell, touch, and taste (for better and for worse). This year’s production centers around a reality TV show inside a haunted house, and features boiling beer, disembowelment, and Emmy award-winning actress Laura Dern! (Kind of).

Gorefest XV: Horror House runs Weds-Sun the last two weeks of October, plus a bonus performance on Halloween night. It’s hilarious. GET YOUR TICKETS HERE. And say hi when you see the show — I’ll be directing the pit band for almost every performance.

One more thing — we’ve booked our final show in Boston! Come see Drunken Logic one last time at Sally O’Brien’s on Thursday 11/16, along with local legend Spo (who sometimes let’s Jake hang out on his radio show). Mark your calendars! More info soon.

Let’s hang before I move west in December! Much love.


A Personal Note from Jake

So it’s official — I’m moving to Los Angeles at the end of the year.
Boston has been so good to me these past seven years, and I’m forever grateful. Without my time here, I would not be a professional musician. I’ve met and worked with so many amazing people, gained so much valuable knowledge and experience, and it has all shaped the man I am today.
But this is something I’ve been thinking and talking about for a long time, a move I’ve longed to make for years and haven’t really had a chance to do until now. I’m a California boy, but I’ve lived thousands of miles away from home for over a decade now. In addition to my family, I want to be closer to the creative process and industry, to explore all of my interests and ideas in a place where there are countless other people doing the same thing. (Also, this whole winter thing you guys do on the East Coast is highly overrated.)
My plan is to move around Thanksgiving. But I’m doing a ton of really cool things before I go, and I want to share them anyone and everyone who’s around. For instance, I’ve been writing Gorefest — the gory comedy musical at ImprovBoston each Halloween — for the last month and a half. It’s uncharted territory for me, but I’m going to be working with some lovely and talented people. I couldn’t be more excited to share the finish product with you in the last two weeks of October.
In the short-term, Drunken Logic will be at the Lucky Seven Concert Series this Thursday at 7 PM at Faneuil Hall Marketplace Center, and we’ll also be at Boston Greenfest on Saturday at noon — both shows are FREE!. I’ve also got a ton of Signature, dueling piano, and improv gigs over the next several months. And believe it or not, I’m cooking up some other projects that I can’t quite talk about yet. So there’s more news still to come.
Thank you again to everyone who has helped me so far along the way, and all the people who will continue to be there for whatever comes next. I love you all, and hope I get to see each and every one of you soon.
– Jake

30 Days, 50 Songs to Stop Trump!

We are THRILLED to announce that we’ve donated “What A Beautiful Morning!” to the 30 Days, 50 Songs project for a Trump-Free America!!! Our song joins dozens of others by artists like Jimmy Eat World, R.E.M., Death Cab for Cutie and many, many more. All proceeds from sales & streams of our song and others in this project benefit the Center for Popular Democracy, a fantastic organization that fights for “an innovative pro-worker, pro-immigrant, racial and economic justice agenda.” Listen to the entire Spotify playlist here!

We are blown away by the reactions to our song and video, and the conversation that you all have started around it. The video has been viewed nearly 18,000 times in less than a week! Thank you to everyone for their passionate contributions.

Lastly, there are two days left to vote! Read about the issues, learn about the candidates, and then go fill out a ballot. It’s your right, but it’s also a responsibility to help decide what kind of country you want this to be.

Much love! More to come very soon.


“What A Beautiful Morning!” Official Video!

We’re tired of people saying they want to “Make America Great Again.” When was America great? For whom was it great? And was it great because we never made mistakes, or because we fought to acknowledge and overcome those mistakes?

This is the official video for our new song, “What A Beautiful Morning!” — available now in our store. Many thanks to Mike at 41st Casanova Productions and Will from Chillhouse Studios for all their help with this project.