Indie Artist Buzz: 5 Questions with Drunken Logic

“I think the connection that so many people seem to have to “Make America Great Again” often starts with that nostalgia. They seem to think that we’re facing different threats, different issues than we were back then. But I’m constantly amazed at how many of these issues haven’t changed. We’ve often made things better, but we’re still arguing about race, sex, privacy, poverty… the list goes on and on.”

IM Boston: Drunken Logic

“There’s no possible way to select a single event that topped all other weird and wild occurrences during our performances. However, in recent memory, I’d say the thing that sticks out the most would be our set at the Scooper Bowl in the City Hall Plaza. The weather was amazing, the extensive amounts of free ice cream were overwhelmingly delicious, and the audience was absolutely loving us. Most of them were around high-school age, and were there with their classes- but there were 2 gentlemen there (unrelated, I believe) that were at least a couple generations past the rest, and their possibly (most-likely) inebriated brains decided it would be a good idea to come right up to the stage, show what was under their shirt, and dance around sensually in front of the children. They were removed shortly thereafter.” Interview with Boston based band Drunken Logic

“We busk regularly at Fanueil Hall Marketplace, which has lead to a wide variety of delightful and disturbing shows. We’ve had toddlers react to our lyrics more profoundly than adults. There’s a line from one of our songs off the first album,The Day I Came of Age. While we were performing, this precocious 3 year old kept inching closer to the PA. He was clearly enthralled by the amplification and sound, and felt the need to explore the limits of his hearing. As he approached us closer, the peak of his hearing comfort magically synchronized with our singer Jake’s lyric, “Chasing after children with a furrowed brow and the sourest of moods.” So what I saw, was the face of a three year old comprehending the sophisticated storytelling of our lyrics, and running away in fear. It may be the hardest I have ever laughed in a performance.”

Little Village Magazine: Boston Pop-Punk Act Drunken Logic Play The Yacht Club

“Formed as project by students at Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music, a big part of Drunken Logic’s appeal is the musicianship underlying their tightly constructed songs. Equally striking, though, is how sophisticated the Drunken Logic’s lyrical content is. Though not a concept album, there is an impressive thematic unity to the carefully constructed narratives on relationships and finding one’s place in the world that feature on A Long Journey to the Middle. Especially noteworthy is “Dry Run Road,” a song that successfully stretches a peppy pop-punk format to comment on police brutality and the war on terror without sounding contrived.”

Fort Dodge Messenger: FD Native’s Band Releases Second Album

“Alejandro Trevino, bass player for Drunken Logic, said the album is hard to describe, but that it draws inspiration from classics like Elton John, pop-punk groups like Green Day and more indie bands.

‘It’s a new-age take on some really old-school guys like Elton John,” He said. “It’s like a classic rock album that’s contemporary and new age.'”